10-02-19 – HDC Introduces DMH Service and Product Presales

Inexpensive “Peace-of-Mind” Equity Protection Soon to be Available to New and Existing Homeowners

Fintech Product Provider Introduces New Consumer Division and Begins Presales of Home Diversification Agreement Product That’s Set to Transform Homeownership in U.S.


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MANCHESTER, N.H.Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Home Diversification Corp., a startup Fintech financial product provider, today introduced its new consumer division, Diversify My Home and announced the commencement of presales of its signature product, the Home Diversification Agreement, or HDA. The first-of-its-kind mortgage enhancement product will deliver “peace of mind” equity protection to new and existing homeowners starting in December 2019.

The HDA agreement is a financial contract that can be purchased at mortgage origination or any time after by existing homeowners. The instrument is recorded as a junior lien on the property (not a mortgage) and qualification is quick. And unlike PMI, an HDA helps ensure the value of the property itself versus the mortgage, benefiting homeowners directly. At a cost of just $19 a month for the typical $225k home, it delivers inexpensive protection unavailable elsewhere.

The new product gives homeowners the ability to diversify their largest, most consolidated asset – their home – essentially spreading their eggs from one basket (local market) to many nationwide. It enables homeowners to exchange their local-market home price index (generally 72-percent more volatile) for a broader, more stable nationwide HPI. Doing so substantially reduces their home price value risk, and that of foreclosure, by as much as 40-percent.

Bottom line, homeowners gain a better chance to stay in the home during challenging times, such as that experienced after the 2008 real estate market crash. Moreover, it helps to ensure that their precious home equity is preserved – enabling them to fulfill lifelong dreams, such as children’s education, weddings, travel, starting a business, retirement, and more.

“The decision to purchase a home is one of the biggest and most nerve-racking for anyone. Even more today, given the still-prevalent memories of the 2008 to 2012 meltdown period,” states Marc Biron, Home Diversification Corp founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball to inform them what lies ahead. An HDA allows them to make that purchase with peace of mind. Going forward, we believe that just as consumers purchase home insurance to ensure against fire and other perils, they will obtain an HDA to protect the precious equity they’ve built in the homes.”

Home buyers and existing homeowners can learn more about the benefits of a Home Diversification Agreement by visiting Diversify My Home. Presales have commenced and the HDA product will be made available to the public starting in December 2019. Contact us today at 833-844-4663 to learn more.

About HDC:
Home Diversification Corp is a Manchester, NH-based Fintech company. Creator of the newly established Home Diversification industry, the Diversify My Home consumer division, and their exclusive HDA product. The company provides solutions that help solve all-important issues of affordability, diversification and risk reduction for U.S. homeowners.

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