We take the risk out of homeownership

Delivering peace of mind for today’s homeowner


The new frontier in home-ownership. No one has a crystal ball that will predict what will happen 2, 5, 10 or more years into the future. Our Home Diversification Agreement – the “Peace of Mind” Mortgage Enhancement Product, enables homeowners for the first time ever to diversify what is often their largest, most concentrated asset – their home.

It’s probably your largest, most important asset, so it makes sense you know what’s truly going on with your home. Inform yourself by checking out our customized HDC home valuation report based specifically on your property.  It contains:

  • Current estimated value of your home
  • Recent change
  • Depiction of how your local market has performed relative to the national market since purchasing your home
  • Estimated (forecasted) future home value and equity position

It takes just a moment and a small amount of information to obtain your personalized report. Do so now!


You Owe It To Yourself To Protect The Value Of Your Home

We all learn young never to place all our eggs into one basket – better to spread them around. Yet, that is exactly what we do when purchasing or owning a home. 

All our eggs are placed in one basket – at risk to the perils of our local home market

There is a better way – one that provides protection and peace of mind

There’s A Unique Financial Concept Called Net Present Value or NPV

NPV is a common financial analysis tool used in business and investment decisions, measuring the value of your increase or decrease in risk. Even if you are not familiar with the NPV concept, everyone knows that risk is priced.  For example, you earn more on average in the riskier stock market than in your safe bank account.

When you purchase a Home Diversification Agreement, you exchange your largest asset (home) from your more volatile “local market” to a more stable “diversified national average.” That risk reduction translates to an increase in NPV value associated with the asset.

Your NPV for a typical $225k HDA contract exceeds $20k, net of modest fees. That’s like getting a new car on signing up.



One more powerful reason to diversify your home today!



Bottom line, for just pennies per day ($19 per month for the typical $225k home), you protect your largest asset, immediately gain the beneficial value of NPV (approx. $20k value), help maintain the precious equity in your home and the associated future plans you have for it (funding your daughter’s wedding, opening a business, retirement, etc.), and provide a much better chance to stay in your home in the future if/when the unexpected occurs or times get tough.